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Competitive and licensed advocates

Challenge summary

"Guilty" Clients - Not all of your clients are going to "innocent." You will occasionally represent clients who committed the crimes they were accused of. - More than a few lawyers have to deal with unwanted assumptions about their character. Criminal defense lawyers, for example, are often judged for defending their clients.

Company's name

“Vardan Ghajoyan” LLC

Company's profile

Law office

Contact person’s name

Vardan Ghajoyan

Contact person’s email

Related areas of expertise

Legal services, Advocacy, Advisory services, Lawyer

What are you looking for (expected gains)

Competitive and licensed advocates, lawyers

Evaluation Criteria

Consistent, disciplined.

Terms and conditions (IP and confidentiality)

The confidential information in applications is not presented. Moreover, there are evaluation committees which sign an NDA /Non-Disclosure Agreement/.

Expected deliverables

Licensed workers, legal knowledge, free consultancy

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Providing with job in our company.

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