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Photography Module is one of 4 modules within the COURSE LEADERSHIP AND ART SKILLS DEVELOPMENT which is designated to development of art and self expression skills.


General overview of the course :


       Movement Module

       Acting Module

       Film module

       Photography module (Including photos with a commercial purpose)



The main goal of the Photography Module is to facilitate a better understanding of the aesthetic and technical rules which will guide you through a series of steps towards achieving a good final product, either that being a photograph or a video.


It can be said that photography is actually one of the most modern of arts, not just in terms of its contemporary nature, but through the fact that it pulls together parts of the modern world, as a communication medium, and in its reliance on the technology of making pictures. True mastery in photography is an accomplishment of both technique and aesthetics.


If we look at photographs in museums we will see that they exhibit the mastery of technique but also that they have an exquisite artistic value. Throughout the module, we'll use the professional terminology regarding the process and the tools used to take a photograph on an exterior shoot (for leisure or professional purposes) or a studio shoot for a portfolio, product or fashion shoot.

Learning Outcomes

     You will learn everything you need to start a successful photography for your business or work;

     You will be able to use creative superpowers hidden in exposure;

     You will be able to see and understand qualities of light to bring photos to life;

     You will be able to take beautiful photos that you are proud of;

     You will be able to 'see' and compose photos beautifully;

     You will be able to take pin sharp pictures every time;

     You will know about colours correction and white balance;

     You will feel confident as a photographer.


Module Elements


🎥 7 Recorded Video Lessons

📥 1 downloaded resource (Guidance Material)

🕚 Full lifetime access

📲 Access via mobile devices and PCs

📝 Quizzes

📜 Certificate of completion

🕮 Language of the course: English

📚 Trainer: Alexandru STERIAN

🥇 Lead University Partner: National University of Theatre and Film I.L.Caragiale/UNACT /Romania


Who this course is for:


All levels of photographer from beginner and intermediate to more advanced, suitable for beginners and people who want to improve their skills and take a better photo.



Photography Module

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Guidance Materials -


How the size of the sensor influence the depth of field

The link between focal length and size of the sensor is fundamental to understand how we can influence the depth of field of the picture or movie we shot. The depth of field gets shallower as the sensor size gets bigger.



Composition, organizing the "in depth composition". Camera position for a flat or three dimensional feeling

How we organize the compositional elements transfer the three dimensional feeling on a bi dimensional surface (photography or cinema screen). The feeling of depth is built through the camera point of view and the lens we use. Overlapping the compositional elements will give the viewer the depth feeling were looking for. The single vanishing point or multiple vanishing points will influence the approach to the scene or photograph we take.



Light and contrast. Hard and soft, direction and ratio

The mood or the scene atmosphere is closely linked with the light direction, ratio or contrast and its quality. On a big contrast ratio, the viewer will differently engage his feelings compared with a normal or high key environment. The overall mood, being low key, normal key or high key, is definitely built on those elements.



Mood and lighting. Low key and High key lighting

The contrast we choose for the scene or photograph we take will set the mood for it. Together the direction, intensity, quality and color contributes to the brightness or moodiness of the scene.


Differences between photo and video lighting, the White Balance and using it for effect photos

Setting the White Balance for the format we shoot on will interfere with the overall hue and color saturation. Analogous, single or unitonal color scheme can be achieved by choosing the right balance of the sources and environment we shoot on.


Adjusting the picture parameters, contrast, hue, saturation

For the final look, adjusting the basic picture parameters will enhance the aesthetic quality of the product. The aspect ratio, contrast, hue and saturation will add value to the picture.


Color correction software, DaVinci BlackMagic design. Archiving the photos. Size versus quality

Color correction, as the last stage to the final product (photograph or video format) is the way of finishing the movie or the photo we deliver on the platform we wish to be seen. Beside deliverables for cinema, internet or social media platforms we need to pay attention to the archiving media stage. The codec and genuine format we used when weve been shooting the video has to be archived on a safe and long lasting medium for the next generation's sake.


Evaluation test







     Professor PhD Alexandru Sterian is the International Affairs and Erasmus+ UNATC IL Caragiale Vice Rector and member of UNATC Doctoral School Council since 2019.   , , ,

     Since 2009, when he joined the UNATC Film Faculty, Alex has been involved in several teaching modules and introduced the Digital Cinematography class for Bachelor degree second year curricula.

     As a previous experience Alex has been an active cinematographer with a broad expertise from feature films to documentary and advertising projects. That spans from 1994 to present times.

     Director of Photography for more than 20 feature and short films productions which have been selected at prestigious film festivals like Berlin, Cannes, Locarno, Sarajevo, Clermont-Ferrand, TIFF.

     An active member of academic society from Bucharest and Cluj, where Alex is visiting professor at Babes Bolyai University since 2017. The habilitation thesis from 2017 propose him at UNATC Doctoral Studies School where, since 2018, also teaches and is part of the Directorial Board.

     His organisational abilities comes from his position in Romanian Society of Cinematographers as president of it from 2009 till now (
In UNATC Alex teaches at all academic levels. At Doctoral School, habilitated since 2018 and at cinematography department for Master and Bachelor Degree. For Master Degree he teaches at Production Department, Documentary (English curricula) Cinematography and Directing Department, and for Bachelor at Cinematography and Photography.
Alex papers and publications include several books as follows:

     Nowadays feature film aesthetics and new media influences ISBN 978-973-1790-98-5, UNATC Press, 2016

     Film Composition, camera moves aesthetics ISBN 978-606-8757-13-1, UNATC Press 2017

     Digital Cinematography ISBN 978-606-8757-14-8, UNATC Press, 2017

     Film Composition, Lighting ISBN 978-606-082-007-9, UNATC Press 2021
And academic papers in various film and drama magazines:

"The Work of Art in the Age of Technical Miniaturization: New media and Film Language" Close-Up Vol.2 No 2/2018, ISSN 2286-4466, UNATC Press,

"The Blair Witch Project and the Mockumentary approach" in "Magic and Witchcraft. Historical, Anthropological and Artistic Perspectives", Mega Press, Cluj-Napoca, ISBN 978-606-020-245-5;

     "Elements of Cinematic Creation. Object image and Character. Anthropomorphization" Doctoral Horizons Vol. 1 No. 2/2020, ISSN 2734-4479, UNATC Press


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The project is funded by the European Commission Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture within the Erasmus+ programme.




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Disclaimer: The European Commission's support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein


DISCLAIMER: The European Commission's support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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