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How to Apply Business Idea if you are Student

How to apply a business idea if you are a student

What is a business idea?
What are the business ideas for beginners?
How can I describe my business idea?

We can answer these and many other questions, a Network of Smart Caffe are open centers that welcome students, recent graduates who have creative potential and bright ideas, but lack the skills and resources to implement it. It is a virtual extension of physical spaces where you can share your business ideas and receive mentoring from companies, as well as prepare professionally through high-quality training activities and resources.

Developing Your Business Idea.

Developing your business idea will help you:

check-iconbe attentive to new business opportunities.

check-iconidentify your personal business-related skills and creativity.

check-iconanalyze the commercial potential of business opportunities.

Creative students describe their business ideas and gain valuable experience from communicating with experts in their field, and, in turn, get solutions and the opportunity to implement their startup.

Mentors and specialists can offer solutions on various topics and participate in solving various tasks, for example, in the field of operational efficiency, production costs, new product development, innovation and/or strategic cooperation.

The Smart Caffe network operates as an open network of innovation centers connecting academic communities of SMART project universities with potential recipients of innovations from the business and non-governmental sectors who have the potential, are open and ready to accept and rely on knowledge and innovations created outside their organization.

Review. You can, too.

These are the basic skills and resources you need to get started:

check-icon Interest in new ideas is the same curiosity that prompted you to choose virtual extension Smart Channel, can serve you well in the search and implementation of new business ideas

check-iconImagination — the ability to see what is there and what can or should be there.

check-icon Time — to think, explore, analyze, ask for advice, make decisions, check them and change your mind; remember that time is definitely a friend entrepreneur... take as much as you need to bring your best ideas to life

check-iconTalent — the basic abilities needed to perform business tasks or manage them, it can be upgraded

check-iconPurposefulness — strict discipline and awareness that there may be surprises on the way ahead, both good and bad.

Where to start?

Step 1: Log in or create an account on

Step 2: Fill out “Your Profile”

Step 3: Click on the “Menu tab”, three bars above Your avatar

Step 4: On the dashboard, you can select “Have Business Idea?” and - Create start-up or pre-start-up, or choose “Share Your Business Idea” in the Menu

Step 5: At this stage, you must fill in all the fields and describe your business idea in detail and concisely. Please note that some fields have the maximum number of characters allowed.

Step 6: The finish line. If you have a demo video of your business idea, then share it. You can save as a draft, supplement or change your APPLICATION FORM. And how will you be sure, send your application to the Moderation Department for publication. Your application will be pre-tested by the Steering Committee of the website. In case of a negative evaluation, you will receive an email explaining the term and conditions for the improvement of your application. If the evaluation of your submission is positive, your business ideas will be uploaded on the smartchannel platform on the “Market for Business Ideas'' page and will be publicly accessible. You will begin to receive the comments from other users, administrator of the will also receive it at the same time.

Congratulations, you have taken a step towards your dream!

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