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Crowdfunding organization

Challenge summary

Crowdfunding from community and private donors for the organization to enhance to capacities for providing social services.

Company's name

Armavir Development Center

Company's profile

Non-Governmental Organization

Contact person’s name

Emma Grigoryan

Contact person’s email

Contact person’s phone

+374 94 42 78 13

Related areas of expertise

Social services for people with disabilities / elderly people

What are you looking for (expected gains)

Creative ideas for sustainable sources/donations, platforms to organize the fundraising.

Evaluation Criteria

In order to complete the challenge, it’s necessary to reach minimum of one million AMD yearly funding through sustainable innovative, creative, engaging ideas.

Terms and conditions (IP and confidentiality)

None . Time line - Flexible.

Expected deliverables

Web-page, initiative, crowdsourcing materials (e.g. video), campaign, event, strategy.

Which award can you propose to a challenge solver(s)?

Certificate, Employment perspective, participation in Erasmus+ mobility activities outside of Armenia.

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