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Research for HR solution

Challenge summary

The participant must find 50 HR specialists in his/her city/country and speak with them about problems that the HR specialists meet in their working process. Especially we need to understand what kind of problems meet HR specialists, when: 1. They want to find a candidate for open position, 2. They must choose who to invite to the interview. P.S. We will send the full list of questions to the participants

Company's name


Company's profile

Contact person’s name

Gor Geghamyan

Contact person’s email

Contact person’s phone


Related areas of expertise

Marketing, Human Resources, Research

What are you looking for (expected gains)

We are looking for young people, who like to listen to people and ask the right questions to understand the whole problem.

Evaluation Criteria

We will pay attention how carefully the participants will fill the information about HR specialists (personal information, email address, link of LinkedIn, etc.) and information about the problems that HR specialist meet with.

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