New phone application


Name and Surname

Alla Sargsyan

Course and Year

Master degree first course

Date of birth


Home address

Armenia, Gavar, Kabelagortsner street 58/11

Address of current residence

Armenia, Gavar, Kabelagortsner street 58/11



Area of the business idea

Mobile Software


Product/service description

Business idea refers to the creation of new phone application which will help to organize various happy and different events. We suggest instead of you to organize your events and make them unforgettable, and we will do it with details you have already chosen on our app. Our service will be portable


If someone of us knows that after for example 5 days will be an event we become more nervous thinking that we willn’t be able to fetch all needed preparations and so we instead of enjoying event all time think about organizational part of our event. And as we know mental health and mental calmness is best in our reality. There are companies which suggest similar event packages and these now are not modern or interesting, not making your day special. One more thing until the event day you are not able to easily track organizing process or beforehand see how the design will be in real.


Our company will help you to keep safe your mental health, and will give you opportunity to fully enjoy every moment of your event. So our company will help you if you want to do a creative love proposal, it is your birthday party, or you want to organize birthday surprise party for one of your’s loved one. On our app you can see event suggestion packages prices and how you buy things on supermarket in the same way you will be able inside of event choose what you want to see during on your event and see the prices, after choosing we will offer you to see the 3D design of your event, and when we start organizing you will be given an individual code to track organizing process and if you want you can make some changes.

Market and size

Our main customers will be people living in Gavar and nearest communities, BUT as well as our services are portable more people can contact us to organize their special events. Our potential customers will be from 15 to unlimited age persons, with medium or high social opportunities. COVID-19 showed us that the world goes to online organizing, and why not make our lives more comfortable and easy. Now in conditions of pandemic we think to have more customers because of limitations no mass events are helding so creativiness may cover this limitation. We are sure that the number of our customers will grow like geometric progression.


Our customers will be Age 15- to unlimited, social opportunities medium and high, And as we suggest surprises and your creativity on our app part, there will be customers who will order surprises for others, so we are planning to have both customers and users, who after will become our customers.


There are some companies which suggest event organizing but there is no creativity all events are similar each other. Our competitive advantage is that we combine all the needed services in one place, simultaneously giving our customers to make real their unrealistic and creative ideas, beforehand see how it will look by 3D design, make some changes. One more thing our app and event organizing services can be a new collaboration platform with competitors.


Work coordinator- 1, track all working process simultaneously Marketing specialist-consultant-1, main responsibilities to do advertisements, listen potential customers needs, connect them with organizers and designer Organizers-3, for collaboration and organizing Designer-1 Programmer-1, who will give our customers their individual id’s, make real their work, do updates on application



Trainings and workshops

Trainings in the themes- programming, design, social media marketing, customer care OPPORTUNITY of experience exchanging with successful event planning companies and programmers who will help us designing our app.


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