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Orpheus Music


the first NFT Music social-platform

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Product/service description:

Orpheus Music is the first social platform that includes a music streaming service and a NFT-marketplace for the digital sale of music arts. Users will be able to choose which artist to promote to the recommendations & invest in a future star through NFT.

Area of your business idea


Who are your key partners? Who are your key suppliers? Which key resources are you acquiring from partners? Which key activities do partners perform?

Our key partners are artists. We will attract them with the opportunity to earn more money with the help of NFT technology and large royalties payments. They, in turn, will act as a tool to attract the audience to our platform - artists will write on their social networks that they are registered on Orpheus Music.

Legal structure

Have you registered your business already?


Market focus

Through which channels do your customer segments want to be reached? How are you reaching them now?

Artists - on their social networks; Social networks - music accounts; Music News publications; Crypto Publications; Music podcasts on the Internet. We have already tested the hypothesis by purchasing advertising in a music account on social networks and received more than 80 applications - emails and filled out forms

Who is or will be the company's customer?

These are people 18-40 years old with an established career who like to listen to music and listen to it every day, they have a crypto wallet or they have an understanding in the blockchain. They constantly want to find out the news in the music industry, follow artists in different social networks.

Where does your target audience live?

Worldwide, but preferably in the USA

How many potential customers/users are there for the company’s product or service both today and in the future?

Our main competitor is Spotify - the number of paid subscribers of our cohort for 2021 is 86M. By 2025 the number of the same audience will be 110M. By 2025, we plan to entice 25% of paid users from Spotify - this is 27.5M paid users.



Indicate at what stage your project is now.

Pre-Seed Up to $500 k Founders have a very clear understanding of the project's mission market structure and its needs, of the technologies most suitable for their case. The team has a coherent development plan.

Which resources do you have, please describe it. What resources or support do you need?

The resources we have are skills, business experience, mentor. The NFT market is quite young and growing very fast. Therefore, in order to quickly implement our product to the NFT market and be competitive at the start, we plan to purchase a ready-made NFT marketplace, which will be developed in 1.5 months. Also, in order to attract the first users and artists, advertising is needed Therefore, for the rapid deployment of the Orpheus Music platform on the NFT and Music market and competitiveness, we need $100,000

What additional resources or support do you expect from the Network of Smart Caffe?(max. 800 characters)

Trainings and examples for the CEO and proper business management, for gaining experience for the founders

Trainings and workshops: List the trainings and workshops you need.

business management

Business type

B2C Business-to-Consumer


Please tell us more about what you are doing.

The main problems with popular streaming services are low royalties (for example, for 1,000 listened tracks you will get only $4) and the lack of social interaction between fans and artist. A musician cannot find a new audience, and listeners cannot find new artists in their favorite genre in the same way. Because of this, the music business is stagnating. After interviewing potential customers, we found out that the main pain of users of existing streaming services is the difficulty in finding new artists for their favorite genre, and the closed nature of the service. There is no possibility of financial support for your favourite artist. The music market is a big old market with an old problem, but thanks to the new NFT technology, this problem can be successfully solved.

How does the company’s product or service solve the problem?

How does the solution work?

Why do you believe it is better than the alternatives that already exist on the market?

Orpheus Music enables artists to earn 20x more money through NFT-marketplce and high royalties from listened tracks & the ability to communicate with their audience and find new ones through social interaction. Orpheus Music provides social interaction to users so that they can share music with friends, subscribe to groups, watch what your friends are listening to right now, follow the artist’s work on new music, leave feedback, invest in a future star with the help of NFT. We believe that people should choose what and whom to listen to and financially support, but not large music companies. We are making a platform where artists and fans will exist as one

What is the current stage of your product ?

Working on a Product Well defined problem and proposed best solution, determined mission and technology, active development stage of an MVP.

Show your visibility

How will you monetize your startup?

10% of each transaction on NFT-marketplace; $60/year - premium subscription for social and music platform.

Team and founders

Tim Mirgorod - CEO/Founder -" I really love music and listen to completely different genres of songs. As soon as I found about NFT, I realized that with my experience, creativity and love of music, I could take the music business to the next level Thus, I founded and evolve a startup - Orpheus Music. I am sure that the development of blockchain technologies and NFT in particular, will lead to a favourable environment for the generation of a new musical art, and young and independent musicians will not have to worry about payments and remain creative in the future." Ivan Serdyukov - CFO/Co-Founder -" I'm interested in music, passionate about Tech, Blockchain and NFT. Having a mathematical mindset, analytical thinking and prudence, I am a Financial Adviser at Orpheus music and competently calculate funds in order to help musicians as much as possible."

Emphasize characteristics or backgrounds that qualify each individual to fill their respective role, including start-up experience, management experience and/or technical expertise. Be specific and list companies where individuals gained their experience.

Tim has got his first experience in online business when he was 13 years old. He founded an online gaming service from which he has gained thousands of satisfied and long-term clients.

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